We Offer

Affordable, turn-key, and simple online career tools.

Who needs us?

Our purchasers are the program or institutions assisting or teaching student or job seekers. Programs also can rely on our system to track and manage their clients/students and train their staff counselors and instructors.

Whether or not your institution or program serves professionals with PhDs or clients with no reading skills, all clients can use the CES™. We serve readers and nonreaders, Spanish and English speakers, adults and youth, correctional clients and older workers, all with CES™ versions to meet their needs

We can serve...

  • One Stop Career Centers
  • Employment and training programs
  • Non profits working with immigrant families and migrant workers
  • Youth employment programs
  • Community colleges
  • Correctional programs
  • Seniors programs
  • Second career programs
  • Self-employment and business incubator programs
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • ESL and literacy programs
  • Employers looking for a useful and affordable benefit for employees and their families
  • Ex-military personnel and their families