Denver Reports Results

The Denver Workforce Board returned our first pilot results in late 2006. Center staff designed their own pilot questions and amazingly 99% of the 120 or so TANF clients surveyed recommended the CES™ for use throughout the Denver Area, which will begin in February 2007. Thank you to Andi, who we have never even met, for your amazing dedication to your work in Denver!

Achievement Certificates Are Here

We have a new certificate of achievement for clients using the CES™ program for seven hours or more, ask about it!

CES Evolution

Our CES™ has been and will continue to evolve from a career tool into an interwoven menu of options incorporating not just career planning but also financial, transportation, life skills, substance abuse, confidence building, health, peer support issues, to be used as needed and chosen by the purchaser.

Version 2.0

Featuring a robust dynamic data tracking and reporting system and a fresh new look. The new site also combines our CES and BOB programs into one, so if there are no jobs, clients can consider self-employment, and a fresh new look. You can see it here