Our company:

CareerEdgeSystem™ is a one woman owned business born from the transitional difficulties of hundreds of thousands of displaced American workers over the last several years. We believe that one simple yet comprehensive career tool can serve a cross section of job seekers, with a variety of options to match an individual’s needs. Currently we have the United Ways of California as a partner.

About Us

Find out about what we do, our value adds, the markets that we serve, and our clients. Read it

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The Team

CareerEdgeSystem.com is the brainchild of a woman who is a graduate in Psychology from Wellesley College and who has a law degree from the University of Texas.

She has dedicated the last fifteen years to customized, innovative training programs, classes and writings surrounding meaningful work and workplace problem-solving. Read it

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Denver Board Results Are In:

The Denver Workforce Board returned our first pilot results in late 2006. Center staff designed their own pilot questions and amazingly 99% of the 120 or so TANF clients surveyed recommended the CES™. SER National SCSEP recently finished a pilot with 100% reccommendation and approval rating by customers. U.S. Probation recently completed a pilot with very positive results with their report soon to be released.

Introducing Achievement Certification:

We have a new certificate of achievement for clients using the CES™ program for seven hours or more, ask about it!

Version 2:

Featuring a robust new system serving several populations was released in 2017.

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